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Apply to StartuParty and Get a Change to Attend Seedcamp




StartuParty and Seedcamp are partnering again for our next event on November 12th. So, if you haven’t applied yet, do it now! 

We started our partnership last may and, as we recently wrote, went on attending Seedcamp Budapest.

It’s probably helpful to repeat once again how it’s going to work:

One of the startups selected to pitch during Road55 will have the chance to go and attend the next Seedcamp event.

If you want to pitch, apply by filling out the form. Your deadline is Novembr 8th.

Only five startups will be selected and if your are one of them you will be contacted on November 9th.

Important note: the final choice will be up to Seedcamp. The startup selected will be announce on the Seedcamp website and it must agree to the Seedcamp terms.

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