There are two kind of people in the world: those who have created a company and those who haven’t. StartuParty, is an event to gather the former and try to convince the latter.
An initiative of a team of young startuppers and vc, this event aims to spread the word of innovation and startups to the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
The purpose is to “evangelize” by organizing parties that we have as main theme, the interaction with the world of startups in Italy in a completely informal and spontaneous. Not the usual boring networking event, but a real party with music and cocktails.

The Mission

Our main mission is to create and promote events that are informal opportunities for business networking for startups looking for investors, employees, business partners and / or simple visibility.
Secondly, because informality of the event, our aim is to bring the world of startups and entrepreneurship are usually young people who “cut off” from the most rigid format (formal workshops, pitch, business plan competition etc); Discussion for students, young (and not so young) entrepreneurs, tech geek, or just curious.
We’ll reach this goal through a sparkling super-party in Italy, worthy of Silicon Valley.