You got questions, we have answers!

Why I can’t miss Startuparty?
Because Startuparty is a unique and valuable evening where you will have the opportunity to have a drink with startuppers, investor, and potential teammate for your next startup. Socialize over a drink is much better than in a meeting room in the office and you will have the opportunity to receive feedback, discuss your idea, find people that will give you ideas to improve your product, know the investors in an informal manner. A lot of people, many startups, good music, and many mojitos … it doesn’t happen every day!

How often is Startuparty organized?
Startuparty only take place in Milan twice a year, in late spring and early autumn.

Are Startuparty organized in the same place?
Each time we will choose the place on the basis of expectations of participants, time and logistics. Stay tuned to find out the next venue of Startuparty!

How and where can I buy the ticket?
Tickets are available online directly on our site.

Which visibility will I get for my startup?
We provide different ways of visibility for your startup.
Road55, entered in the top 5 Startups Demo Zone will be selected to participate in the pre-evening where they will have the opportunity to present their product in a pitch for 5 minutes to all those who voluntarily want to participate as audience to Road55.

Moreover, the 5 finalists selected for Road55 will be suggested to Seedcamp for one of their upcoming events.

Who participates in the Road55?
Everyone who signed up at the party can partecipate as audience to Road55! It will be a showcase for start-up projects to present and a chance to hear interesting pitches.

Why can not I submit financials and capital seeking to Road55?
Because this event is unique, Startuparty is primarily a celebration of innovation, technology and talent. We want facts, no words. What you produced, not numbers. Present your product: it will definitely impact more than a hundred-pages business plan.

My startup should be within a specific area to be admitted to Road55?
No: we admit projects, ideas and products from any kind and industry, from internet to biotechnology to medical electronics, design etc. … feel free to apply with your project.

My project/company is not an internet startup, can I apply for Road55?
Of course! StartuParty is the party for start-ups from any sector! If selected for Road55, you can bring the prototype of your product, and share it as you prefer.

I don’t have a startup, I’m not a startupper but I am curious, can I join the party?
Hell yeah! What better opportunity to step into the innovation ecosystem? At this party! Where you’ll know who can help you to get started, build a first class network and why not, find your future startup-mates!