This is our Manifesto:

PASSION – We love startups. And like all loves, sometimes we fight … But the moments of joy and satisfaction are many more. We want to talk about them with everyone, we dream of them at day and night, we go to bed late because we would never leave. So.. we are in love..

ARBRE MAGIC – It ‘s time to move on. We need “fresh air” to change the current way of doing business. We believe that the startups are the economic engine that will start our country. The new Italy’s Arbre Magic.

LESS ITALIAN – Everything can change as long as there is the right culture. Let’s be a little less Italian. The envy must give way to collaboration. Let’s abandon localism and let’s focus on realizing our dreams; stop comparing our dreams to some else’s dreams, and our results with the results of others.

MORE ITALIANS – We are creative and we are able to make the most out of every situation. Exactly what it takes to be a good entrepreneur. In this we want to be even more ‘Italian.

CRISIS – The Truth is that we are not worried from this crisis. Because we know that furing crisis thousands of new entrepreneurs will born.


WEB, WEB, WEB – Web If you could marry, we would already ‘on the altar”. The Web and democratic, transparent, fair, so don’t try to cheat. We have the same values.

FUN – Life is too short for another conference. Talking about innovation while dancing with a cocktail is much better.•

CRITICAL MASS and MAP – We want to create a critical mass of new startuppers. And we want to put the Italy on the map of the best countries in which to innovate.

ONE WAY TICKET TO ITALY – And if one day would start a flow of talents “to” Italy instead of  “from” Italy? What if people bought a one-way ticket for Italy instead of leaving for other countries? Then we will have done our duty. But do not worry about parties: we will continue to organize them.